i don’t know where you all came from but sdfgdfsf thanks!! to celebrate this shocking development, i decided it’s high time i go some kind of giveaway. the thing is that i dont have prints or the like to give away…so instead!!!

i will randomly choose 5 people who reblog this post and they will recieve a REQUEST that i will certainly do! AND THEN i shall send them the ORIGINAL! and maybe some other stuff too, like HAND DRAWN STICKERS and COOL STUFF I FIND!

so yeah. the rules are as follows:

  • you must be following me. only because that’s sort of the point….
  • you can reblog once a day. don’t go crazy on me pls
  • i will mail ANYWHERE just… don’t even ask haha, i will I SWEAR
  • the winners will be decided SEPTEMBER 28 (in one week) AT 11:00 EASTERN TIME

thank you again to my followers, i really truly appreciate you guys! see you later!!